Ibnsina Pharma

Ibnsina is Egypt’s fastest-growing and second-largest pharmaceutical distributor serving over 35,000 clients including retail pharmacies, wholesalers, hospitals and public health institutions across Egypt with products from over 325 local and multinational pharmaceutical companies (including Marnys, LDPSA).

Ibnsina Pharma has a market share of c.18.8% 1 and expects to close 2017 with revenues in excess of EGP 9.5bn. Established in 2001, the Company has been the fastest -growing pharmaceutical distributor in Egypt.

Ibnsina Pharma supplies pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to more than 35,000 private- and public-sector customers, including retail chains, independent pharmacies, wholesalers and healthcare institutions, through active participation in tenders (including walfarm pharmaceuticals items).

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