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CERUCLEAR is an ear hygiene solution in a spray that gently cleans the outer ear canal, by rinsing and without using a cotton bud. Its formula, based on surfactants, softens and helps to dissolve earwax plugs.

Used daily, CERUCLEAR helps to flush out impurities and prevent the build-up of wax.

CERUCLEAR is suitable for children aged 6 months and over and for adults.


Surfactants, moisturizing agent, colouring of vegetal origin, excipients q.s. 100 %.

Preservative-free colored formula of natural origin. From 6 years-old.


  • For routine ear hygiene: use twice a week.
  • If the ears are blocked with wax: use twice a day (morning and evening) for 3 to 4 days.

CE This medical device is a regulated health product which bears the CE mark, in keeping with this regulation. Ask your pharmacist for advice. Please read the leaflet carefully before use.






Natural formula

Preservative free

For adults and children over 6 months

Tested under ENT control 

This regulated health product is a medical device bearing the CE marking in accordance with this regulation.Ask your pharmacist for advice. Carefully read the leaflet before use.