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Our nose, first filter against germs, is exposed to a variety of attackers. After breaching the cells of the mucous membrane, they multiply. Therefore, the first signs of blocked nose, nasal discharge and sneezing appear.

Against these symptoms, the first move is to preserve the nose against pathogen secretions. The cleaning of the nose protects the mucous membrane from external attacks and also helps the nose to assure its breathing function.

UNIMER ADULT HYPERTONIC 28‰ is a natural hypertonic seawater solution enriched in copper and manganese which helps, by natural osmotic effect, to decongestant the nasal mucous, decrease the viscosity of the mucus and eliminate hyper-viscous secretion.

Unimer Adult BENEFITS:

  • 100 ml format
  • BOV system the formula preservative-free is preserved from risk of contamination.
  • Protective cap: to guarantee better hygiene.

UNIMER ADULT HYPERTONIC 28‰ is recommended for children from 6 years old and adults, particularly in case of: blocked nose, cold.


100 % natural hypertonic seawater solution (equivalent to 28 g/L in NaCl), enriched in copper and manganese. The seawater is sourced from the bay of Cancale (France) and is preservative-free.



3 to 6 pulverizations per nostril, 3 to 6 times per day or according to your doctor’s advice. For people suffering from diseases that make the airways narrower, e.g. asthma, please ask your pharmacist or your doctor for advice.


BOV system. Specific nozzle for a micro-diffusion gentle and regular.

100 mL aseptically filled bottle.