Unimer baby sterile saline 5 ml

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UNIMER BABY NaCl 0,9% is a sterile non-injectable physiological saline solution, preservative-free. Presented in single-dose vials, UNIMER BABY NaCl 0,9% is hygienic, easy and safe to use.


UNIMER BABY NaCl 0,9% saline solution is recommended for babies, children and adults:

  • Nasal hygiene: to irrigate or cleanse dry or stuffed up noses,
  • Ocular hygiene: as an eyewash or bath to cleanse the eyes,
  • Cleansing wounds,
  • Solvent for inhalation in nebulizer.


Sodium chloride (NaCl) 0,9 g,  purified water q.s. 100 mL.


  • For nasal hygiene and ocular hygiene: may be used daily as a nasal and eye wash 1 to 6 time(s) a day, as needed.
  • For cleansing wounds: rinse the wound, using the entire contents of one vial
  • For inhalation in aerosoltherapy: if the product is used as a solvent for inhalation in aerosoltherapy, follow the instructions included with the product for inhalation, if the product is used alone, follow the instructions included with the inhalation equipment.


  • 12×5 ml box
  • 50×5 ml box