Marnys Honey Propolis

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Marnys® Honey Propolis is a Natural blend of creamy honey with purified propolis used as natural immunity modulating.

Bees use products derived or extracted from the hive given their high nutritional quality, such as honey and propolis, which have been used for more than two millennia as immunity honey.
Propolis is a resin made by bees to protect their hives from any external creatures or microbes, and bees used it for sealing the walls and cells hives, for human used it as immunity honey.

How does Marnys honey propolis works?

Marnys immunity honey  intended use is achieved natural immune modulating through contains all the benefits of natural bee honey, in addition to Propolis which works to modulate the natural immunity in the body as follow:
Powerful antioxidant due to flavonoids contents of Propolis.
► Initiate activity of WBCs.
► Strength body natural immunity.

Most enhancing immunity users are satisfied with Marnys honey propolis®

Marnys honey propolis has the following benfits: 

  • Protects against many diseases and strengthens natural immunity.
  • Maintains the vitality of the body and the safety of its vital organs.
  • Support resistant to some types of viruses and bacteria infections.
  • Enhance beneficial micro-flora that perform beneficial functions to our body.

Marnys honey propolis dosage:

It used according to body weight; one small spoonful of honey propolis for each 10 kg body weight. (used above one year old)

The pack of marnys immunity honey contains 200 gram (includes 4 gm of pure propolis)

Role of a propolis in preventing evolution to tracheitis, bronchitis, or rhinosinusitis from non-streptococcal pharyngitis.

Effectiveness of Propolis in Preventing Respiratory Tract Infections in Children