Royal Provite 5000

  • Sport tonic

    Sport tonic

    Sport tonic and increase mental activity Royal provite 5000
  • General tonic

    General tonic

    Increase vitality and educe stress Royal provite 5000
  • Sexual tonic

    Sexual tonic

    Sexual tonic and increase libido Royal provite 5000

General tonic “Royal provite 5000” :

It is natural source for vitamins, to boost vitality, activity and reduces the body fatigue. It contains the highest concentration and quality of natural Spanish “Royal Jelly”, Bees use products derived or extracted from the hive given their high nutritional quality, which have been used for more than two millennia, Royal jelly provides the body with vital elements, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and other important elements of the body,

Royal Provite 5000 is Spanish manufacturing by MARNYS.

Royal Provite 5000 is supplement general tonic for:

  • Raise vitality, activity and reduce exhaustion.
  • Natural general tonic, and reduce stress.
  • Strengthen memory and increase mental activity.
  • Natural source of some vitamins and minerals important to the body.
  • Sexual Tonic to strengthen sexual performance, and increase libido.

General tonic Royal provite 5000

General tonic, sport tonic, sexual tonic, Royal Provite 5000 made in Spain

Royal Provite 5000 as general tonic

Is recommended for those have high physical exertion, athletes,enhance convalescence “the period of recovery and recovery after diseases or post surgeries

Royal Provite 5000 has the highest concentration and quality of Royal Jelly; it’s composition is:

  • Pure Royal jelly: 3850 mg
  • Pollen: 550 mg
  • Propolis: 40 mg
  • Vitamin E: 10 mg

Royal Provite 5000 is in a form of drinkable syrup (mono doses tube of 11 ml) 100% natural, taken once a day before breakfast and orally drinkable from the tube.Must be shake well.

The one pack of Royal Provite 5000 contain 20 mono doses drinkable tubes.

Royal provite 5000 (20 x 11 ml)

Royal provite 5000 (20 x 11 ml)

Royal provite 5000 nutritional facts

Royal provite 5000 nutritional facts